IEEE Military Communications Conference
28 October – 1 November 2024 // Washington, DC, USA
C5I Technologies for Military and Intelligence Operations Today and Tomorrow

WS-12: Workshop on Simulated and Emulated Environments

WS-12: Workshop on Simulated and Emulated Environments

Important Dates

  • Workshop Paper Submission: 12 August 2024

  • Workshop Paper Acceptance: 09 September 2024

  • Workshop Camera Ready: 07 October 2024


Standard testing and evaluation methodologies of modern military operations require the deployment of expensive assets and increasing logistical resources. This calls for the development of simulated/emulated scenarios that can reproduce operation environments, connectivity, assets’ movement, communication patterns, and adversarial activities with fidelity. The reproduction of a realistic proving ground of this kind is a non-trivial and error-prone process due to the complexity of each of these factors.

The increasing commoditization of computing, AR/VR, game and rendering engines is enabling the development of sophisticated solutions capable of providing more realistic, reproducible environments in which to test a variety of technologies and solutions during development and before fielding with the objective of reducing costs and increasing effectiveness.

Several “Toy” scenarios and frameworks have been developed to test each a specific facet of the problem. However, this approach provides solutions that cannot be representative of the whole picture of the battlefield. These scenarios often lack sufficient fidelity or the capability to evaluate multiple problems at the same time.

This session addresses topics of interest for the emulation/simulation of military capabilities, with special focus on comprehensive tools capable of concurrently emulating multiple facets of the battlefield and the generation of realistic, reproducible scenarios with enough variety to ensure that the tested solutions are not able to specialize on selected artificial data.

The topics of interest include but are not limited to.

  1. Emulation/Simulation of tactical networks
  2. Emulation/Simulation of assets movements
  3. Digital Twins and their applications
  4. Sandbox and gamification of military operations
  5. Auditing and validation of emulation/simulation tools for tactical environments
  6. Emerging and disruptive technologies based on AR/VR supporting modern military operations
  7. Generation of reproducible scenarios also for training AI based systems
  8. Network parameters of real-world measurements and field trials
  9. Modelling of traffic and network conditions for tactical scenarios
  10. Experimental Results From Simulated/Emulated experiments


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