IEEE Military Communications Conference
28 October – 1 November 2024 // Washington, DC, USA
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WS-10: Workshop on Spectrum: Pioneering the Future of Spectrum Sharing

WS-10: Workshop on Spectrum: Pioneering the Future of Spectrum Sharing

The MILCOM Spectrum Workshop will focus on Pioneering the Future of Spectrum Sharing to enable national security and economic opportunity. This workshop will include a combination of keynote, panel, invited, and demo presentations and discussion. It will bring together multidisciplinary experts in the fields of electromagnetic spectrum and wireless communications, including engineering, technology, economics, and policy, to discuss current spectrum sharing challenges and opportunities. Spectrum is widely recognized as a critical and scarce resource that must be managed to be used efficiently and effectively. The recently released U.S. National Spectrum Strategy and Implementation Plan call for collaboration, including across public and private sectors, to address difficult issues, pioneer innovation, and achieve important societal goals for “economic opportunity and equity, climate stewardship, infrastructure rejuvenation, and national security.” This workshop will provide a forum for sharing insights and results on the current state and future prospects of spectrum sharing and its impact on the ability to meet these goals. 

Discussion topics may include the influence of emerging technologies such as open and virtual networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum computing; security and privacy issues; and economic, market, and societal concerns and solutions. Overall, the workshop aims to generate discussion around key opportunities to pioneer successful spectrum sharing of the future. What are important lessons learned, what worked well, what research is needed, and how best to leverage the opportunities?