IEEE Military Communications Conference
28 October – 1 November 2024 // Washington, DC, USA
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Digital Transformation of SATCOM

Building on the momentum 2023 Digital Transformation of SATCOM workshop, the Digital IF Interoperability (DIFI) consortium is planning a comprehensive full-day workshop for 2024, deepening the exploration into digitization and virtualization in the field of satellite communication (SATCOM). In the dynamically evolving space segment, digital transformation is pivotal in accelerating innovation, augmenting scale, and minimizing cost. The paramount relevance of this transformation is reflected in its ability to meet the specifications of next-gen commercial and DoD SATCOM networks. This transformation pivots around two established pillars of the wider telecommunications industry: digitization and virtualization. Digitization simplifies SATCOM modem architectures through modularization and standardization, enabling the usage of common hardware and pioneering digital IF interfaces leveraging the DIFI protocol. Digitization and the standardization of digital IF through DIFI lays the foundation for virtualized applications in SATCOM networks. Through a digitally transformed ground network, SATCOM systems can leverage new operational use cases that improve network and terminal agility and resilience. This includes new flat panel antennas that offer the promise of advanced capabilities such as a multi-orbit, multi-beam, and multi-band capabilities.

Given the positive feedback from the 60+ attendees of last year's event, the 2024 workshop will be a full-day event, providing a broader platform for engagement and knowledge exchange. The morning will commence with paper sessions, allowing participants to delve deeper into the latest developments in the DIFI standard, digital IF research, and advancements. The paper sessions will conclude with a panel, which will provide an in-depth examination of the progress of the DIFI protocol and the remaining challenges. The afternoon will be followed by a combined poster session and technology demonstrations, showcasing emerging applications of digital IF and virtualization in SATCOM.

Contact:  Joni Sterlacci, Sr. Program Manager, IEEE-ISTO (on behalf of the DIFI Consortium and its Board)